BPD Team is a team of three subsidiaries: BPDev, FetchMyKid and BPD Agric providing Software Development, Transport and Agriculture services respectively. BPD Team’s goal as a tech-savvy company is to promote the use of technology to streamline work-flow in the Software Development, Transport and Agriculture industries.

We pride ourselves in our ability to build meaningful business relationships through providing services that are professional, reliable and efficient.

Our Services

Software Development

We Design, Develop and Maintain
- Websites
- Web Apps
- Desktop Apps
- Mobile Apps

We also provide hosting services for
- Websites & Web Apps
- Domain Names
- Corporate Emails

Kids Transport

We transport your kid from a pick-up point to school and back!

Book a seat
- Annually
- Monthly
- Weekly
- or Daily!

We also transport staff/teachers from school to town

Agriculture and Landscaping 

We provide various services such as 
- Bush Clearing 
- Landscaping
- Grass Cutting
- Agri-tech in farming
- Organic home gardening
- Training for aspiring farmers
- Large scale fruit & vegetable farming


40 Somhlolo Rd


Email: info@bpdteam.com
Phone: 79360602